Build & Refit

We understand the amount of investment required for your new-build project and with us, you can be sure that the creation of your yacht will be in safe hands in protecting your assets. Building a brand new yacht of your very own is exciting and fun. You will be able to choose every detail, expressing your own personality, taste and style. While you create your dream yacht, we will manage your project, taking care of each stage and keeping you updated on your new yacht’s progress throughout the building period.

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Yacht construction services

Our independent and informed advice will help you to:

  • Plan the project and choose a suitable concept designer
  • Select the best shipyard, suppliers and craftsmen
  • Handle and negotiate contracts
  • Supervise the various construction phases
  • Monitor contractors’ technical and financial performance
  • Arrange all of the surveys, manage classification, flag and technical regulatory paperwork
  • Launch and take delivery of your new yacht

Buying to refit

Buying a brokerage yacht to refit is ideal if you would like a customised yacht without waiting for a new construction.
Refitting a yacht to your tastes and preferences can be both fast and cost efficient.

Many shipyards around the world specialise in refitting yachts, with refit projects ranging from minor (e.g. changing soft furnishings) to major (e.g. rebuilding systems or adding new decks). Our Management can help you define the ideal scope of your refit project.

Buying a yacht to refit has different considerations to those for buying a yacht for immediate use. Together with experts such as naval architects, interior designers and shipyards, we will advise you as necessary.

Your broker and our Management will also be by your side throughout the yacht refit process. With our proven ability in dealing with complex major refit projects, we will define a programme that covers all situations.

This is where our project management team’s technical competence and experience makes a big difference. Find out more about our yacht refit project management services by contacting us:


Buy or build?

Whether you buy an existing superyacht or commission a large new build, both are rewarding experiences if managed properly.

Each process offers certain advantages over the other, but the conclusion is always a very happy new Owner, which we find remains constant!

Owning a yacht is expensive and ideally the cost of a yacht should remain in the region of 5–10% of the available wealth. For those who are in the luxurious position to have the necessary financial power, a yacht is the ultimate escape. Currently, the existing yacht market is a buyer’s market, clients see the advantage of buying existing yachts or projects at attractive prices.

Today, a new build can offer huge rewards. Shipyards have available capacity and the yacht construction industry as a whole is eager for new projects. As never before, designers have exciting visualisation possibilities. Supported by years of experience and vast knowledge, new ideas and technologies are preparing the path into the future. With the right team, building your dream yacht is tremendous fun and immensely satisfying.

rent yacht MonacoBuying an existing yacht offers:

  • immediate availability
  • financial saving
  • a track record
  • a base for refit

Building a new yacht offers:

  • scope for high degree of customisation (or even complete design control)
  • an opportunity to innovate and use the latest technology
  • the experience of building your dream yacht
  • unlimited choic

The Benefits

Immediate availability: The entire purchase process (from selection to sea trials) may take just a few months or even weeks.

Track record available for review: For example, if you want to buy a yacht for charter, we can tell you which ones are popular with charter Clients. A yacht’s logs can also give you an idea of its maintenance expenses.

Financial savings: An existing yacht for sale can often be bought for a lower price than a newly-built model or building one yourself. and sometimes during negotiations, it is easier to achieve financial savings. We understands the true worth of every yacht and will assist you to make a reasonable offer that gives real value for money.

Refit for the yacht of your dream: Refitting an existing yacht (tailoring it to your tastes and preferences) is both faster and more cost-efficient than building a new yacht, which can take years and great expense.

Scope for customisation or design control: From the outset you will have exciting choices to make in:

  • Buying a proven design as showcased or having it customised
  • Building a new yacht from inception and designed by the architect of your choice.

An opportunity to be innovative: The latest technology and design innovations are at the heart of today’s new-build yachts. Most designers and shipyards will take due care to ensure the functionality of the yacht’s systems meets your requirements..

The experience of building a yacht is a long process. Nevertheless, most yacht owners who decide to build their own yacht find it ultimately rewarding. The key to enjoying the experience in building your ideal yacht is ensuring you have a great build management team. There is no substitute in having a dedicated project manager overseeing your build at all times and we includes this service as part of our Management team, who has an exemplary track record of new yacht builds.

Unlimited choice: Two phrases come to mind when building a yacht: ‘The sky is the limit’ and ‘Good things come to those who wait’. Your broker and project manager will be available to you every step of the way, so that your decisions are well informed and correctly executed, concluding with you taking delivery of the yacht of your dreams!


Generisk Levitra och Vardenafil

generisk levitra

Generisk Levitra är inte bara billigare än märkesversionen, utan den är också fri från de kända biverkningarna som är förknippade med den receptbelagda versionen. Generisk Levitra är en kombination av två läkemedel, nämligen generiskt hydrokodon (hydrokodon) och generiskt sulfametoxazol (sulfametoxazol). Levitra läs mer är endast tillgängligt på recept och kan inte köpas receptfritt. Även om Levitra är ett relativt nytt receptbelagt läkemedel är säkerheten hos generisk levitra inte känd i detalj, särskilt eftersom det inte har godkänts av den amerikanska läkemedelsmyndigheten FDA.

De vanligast observerade biverkningarna hos patienter som tar generiskt levitra är nästäppa, brännande känslor, yrsel, sömnighet, huvudvärk, illamående och bröstsmärta. Även om dessa symtom kan uppstå hos alla patienter som tar läkemedlet är de vanligast hos patienter som lider av kroniska eller återkommande infektioner. Även om dessa symtom kan lindras genom användning av ytterligare lugnande medel kan patienterna ändå vilja prova generisk levitra för alternativ behandling av sina kroniska infektioner. Vissa patienter som har använt den generiska formen av levitra för att behandla infektioner som inte svarade bra på de vanliga läkemedelsbehandlingarna klagar också över irritation, hudproblem och andra biverkningar som kan vara förknippade med de konventionella varianterna av receptbelagda läkemedel. En del av dessa biverkningar kan tillskrivas läkemedlets styrka, medan andra verkar orsakas av hur läkemedlet formulerades och administrerades.

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